How does the ShirtUp! online editor work?

To create an incredible design you'll only need two things: all your sparkling creativity and an intuitive, fast and easy-to-use editing tool!

We will tell you everything you need to know to get the most of our online editor and design like you were Picasso! 

Step 1: Add an image

You can upload your own photos, illustrations or images from your favorite electronic device.
Click on the button “ADD IMAGE”  to upload your files. Choose the part of the garment you want to print: front, back, left or right. With us you have one printed side totally for free independent of  the side you choose to print on. If you want a second print, the added price for the second printed side will be shown at the shopping cart. 
To ensure an optimal printing quality, your files need to be at least 200 dpi (dots per inch) of at least 160 pixels by 160 pixels and max 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels (10MB). 

Remember: Your files need to have one of the following formats: PNG, JPG , SVG or GIF. 

Save your files!

To make it easy for you, after uploading your files, we will ask you if you want to save them in case you want to continue your design later. If you want to save your files permanently, login with your user account or if you don't want this option, just choose “DON'T SAVE PERMANENTLY”.
Something really cool: You can upload 1, 2 or more files to the same draft so you can create the design of your dreams. 

This part of the editor allows you to use filters for your images, add frames and edit all sides of your garment you want to have printed.

Step 2: Add your text

Here you can add the text lines you want. Click on the button “ADD TEXT” to access the text editor. 

Once in there you can reorder the layers of your design, adjust the text color, the size, font and alignment. 

Write the text in the text editor and save it. If you want you can duplicate the same text.

With this option you can move your text all over the printing area of your design or even decide if you want to put it in front or back the image you are working on. 

Step 3: Add illustrations

Click the button “ADD DESIGN” to access the gallery with all the illustrations. You can use as many as you want to give your design that unique and personal touch. 

All the illustrations and doodles can be edited by color and size. This option allows you to change one color of the chosen item. Change the color combinations to get the best results for your final design.  

Step 4: Almost there!

Once you finish your design, it's time to choose the right sizes and quantities.

Take a look at each field and add items hitting the + in the preferred row, you can order as many items as you want!

You can decide to save the design for later or go directly to select the sizes.

In this step you will also see the total amount of your garments, the quality and the available sizes of your items.

Step 5: You´re done!

Now that you already have chosen the quantities and the sizes, your order is ready to be sent to the shopping cart!  

Hit the button “GO TO SHOPPING CART” to pay your order. Click on the button  “GO BACK TO THE SHOP” to continue shopping or if you want to change something to your design click on the “CONTINUE IN DESIGN TOOL” button.

Once you have paid your order, we will start preparing it as soon as possible. It won't be long before you can wear your own piece of art!   

If you have any other questions about the editor don't hesitate and contact us by sending us an email to or use the contact form here. We will be happy to help you!

Team ShirtUp!

Do you want to start designing like a Picasso?